Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dead And Gone

Chapter One

6 months after.

Eliza has just came from London, England. She has completely forgotten about everything that happened before the six months that gone by. Almost. She was back at Pittsburgh for a little soul finding, and the lost, cracked pieces of her heart. Well she was looking for more than just a few pieces, she want her whole heart back. And she will stop at nothing to get it back from the man who stole it from her in the first place.

She was glad she never sold her old condo in the south side of the 'Burgh. It was always nice to come back home to something familiar and home-y after that long, dreadful flight. She absolutely could not stand the little boy beside her. She might have been flying first class, but you can never get away from annoying neighbors. She swore that she was going to go crazy.

Eliza was a different person now, she wasn't the same girl who was so in love with that Canadian hockey superstar. She was Elizabeth Hemingway. Beautiful, blond, rich, and so out of everyone's league. If there was anyone that could date Eliza, it would've been Prince William or Prince Harry of Wales. It was too bad Prince William was getting married and Prince Harry was too young for Eliza's taste. Surely there's some other Prince Charming waiting to sweep her of her feet. Right?

The Pittsburgh Penguins had just one the Stanley Cup! After everything that had happened that season, the Penguins had gotten through it and won the Stanley Cup for the fourth time! Sidney Crosby has also managed to get back on line up after his horrible concussion accident, just in time for the remaining part of the playoffs. He was happy that the Hockey Gods have finally given him a break, but at the same time he couldn't help but imagine what it would've be like celebrating with Eliza. He knew she was back, and he also knew there was a 95% chance that he was going to see her at the parade, or any time at all this summer because he knew that even though they weren't together anymore, she kept in touch with everyone except him. She most especially kept in touch with Marc Andre Fleury's girlfriend, Vero. If there was anything Vero can share about what's going with Eliza in London, Sidney was always the first person Vero would tell. And Sidney was grateful for that because it makes him believe that if Eliza can move on, so can he. But sadly, he was having a hard time with that. But, time heals all wounds, right?

Today was the parade celebration. Everywhere Sidney looked, everyone had someone to celebrate the victory with. In Game 7, most of his teammates were twirling their girlfriends/fiances/wives. Of course, Sidney had his family there, he hugged his sister and his dad, and kissed his mom on the cheek, and of course he also had the Lord Stanley to celebrate with. But it was just different when that one person runs on the ice and practically attacks you while your doing an interview, and it was just different when you can kiss that person on live television.... 'God, I have to stop this,' Sidney thought. It was just leading to nowhere, really. Whatever, he can get over this. He's gone through a nasty blindside hit on the head, pathetic looses, intense fights and ugly slams, he plays hockey for a living for christ's sake. He can get over a heartbreak. But the problem is, he can't. It's easier said than done. And today he gets to see thousand of Penguins fans see him all alone on this lonely float while his teammates had their arms around that special someone.

"So, can you go to the parade?"

"I don't know Vero, I mean, I still kind of have to unpack." Eliza replied. Even though she really didn't need too because she plans on living in a luggage for the next month.

"Oh, c'mon Liza. This'll be fun. Besides everyone misses you and they really want to see you!"

Eliza does want to see everyone, including Sidney. She wants to see his expression when he sees how much she's changed. Six months ago, she wasn't as toned or confident, and her hair sure wasn't blonde. "Fine." Eliza finally says.

London changed Eliza a lot. Physically and mentally wise. Eliza's now fashion savvy, she's been working out a lot since she's moved to London, she has toned arms and toned legs, and she sure as hell knows it. Eliza now knows how to work her way around guys, she knows how to do that whole hook up and leave thing, she knows how to work her body and she knows how to get attention when she wants it. And she always gets it. But don't be fooled, under all the changes, she was still the same. Inside the new Eliza, the old Eliza was locked up in a cold, dirty room with no way to get out. Just the way the new Eliza liked it. Even though Eliza looked hot as hell, she had the personality of an innocent little girl. She melts at the sight of puppies, kittens and babies, she can never say no to anyone, she doesn't know how to deal with bitches like some girls and she was still as vulnerable as ever but at the same time in those six months, she has became this strong, confident, stubborn, girl who knows her ways with looks and men. Eliza Hemingway really can't wait to see Sidney Crosby.

And they did meet. Sidney saw Eliza hugging Vero, Marc, Max, Jordan, Geno and even Coach Bylsma. At first he though it wasn't Eliza, because of the long, wavy, blond hair and the toned arms that was hugging his teammates. Eliza has always been skinny, he knew that. But there weren't little muscles that showed on her arms every time that she flexed. No, this was a different Eliza. This one looked a like a Victoria's Secret model, -No, scratch that. She looked like an Adriana Lima. Except Eliza was blond and not Brazilian. Either way, Sidney felt his knees go weak and his breath has started coming in a quick, shallow pace. He can see Eliza looking at him.

"Hey Sidney. I haven't seen you in what feels like forever." Eliza said to Sidney. The words meant nothing to her, she was just trying to act casual when really, she's anything but.

Sidney stared at her for a while, trying to make sense of what she just said. She made it seem like they were old, platonic friends that were reuniting after a long time. "Hey Eliza, I know. Long time no see?" He finally replied back to her. He made the last part seem more like a question rather than a normal statement. But when he thinks about it, it really is more of a question rather than a statement.

"Yea," Eliza smiled. She was walking closer to him now. When they were face to face, Eliza saw the familiar warm, hazel eyes, the broad shoulders, the mess of curls and the full, plump, and very pink lips. The same lips that kissed her own, and many other parts she'd rather not think about. "I want to be friends with you. I know we we're together before, but before all of that came along, we were friends. And we can still be, right?" Again, the words meant nothing to her, just part of her plan. Eliza extended her hand.

Eliza came home late that night ecstatic. She was so happy that her plan had work. She was going to make Sidney want her again, but he won't be able too. He can look but he can't take. That's the only goal Eliza has while at Pittsburgh. She can't wait to tell her friends in London about how it is all going along perfectly. After all, they all planned it together.

Maybe the old Eliza is dead and gone.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Good News, I think.

I've decided to continue this story. But don't worry, the other story is still my priority. But lately I've been enjoying writting this story way too much.

I hope you enjoy reading the future chapters of this story as much as I enjoy writting it.

Oh and watch out for Don't You Understand, the ending is coming soon!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


AN: Surprised? I haven't planned on making this story, it just kind of popped in my head. I also don't plan on starting it soon, I'm not even sure if it's that good. Opinions will be appreciated.

They met a while back, at an elegant party in a new bar just in the east side of New York City. Of course they were there for very different reasons. He was there because he was supposed to, after all he was in New York for a press trip because of the nearing upcoming season. She was there because she was invited, her father was part of the chair for the event and she is one of New York's notorious "it" girl/party girl, but she had promised herself, her father and all the people who love her ever so dearly that she is a changed woman and that her party days are over. They met by accident but looking back at it, they both like to think it was faith, that it was meant to be, that they were meant to be.

But that was before he won a Stanley Cup, had the winning goal in the Olympics, got a gold medal for his country in the Olympics because of his goal, before he had a twenty-five game point streak in the 2010-2011 season. It is not because he had let fame or fortune get into his head, in fact he was still a down to earth guy who would rather stay inside than go out, who liked home cooked meals and called his mom every other day. It was because not all fairy tales lasted forever or had a happy ending, they simply felt distant around each other and fell out of love, or at least he did. She still loved him with all her heart but it killed her to see him not even acknowledge her when they are at home or the fact that he doesn't even say those three simple words are breaking her heart. She was mad and depressed and she couldn't do anything about, she wouldn't dare to. She feared of rejection every time she thought about confronting him or even just looking at him. She was never good with goodbyes and heart breaks, that's why every time she sensed a relationship was heading towards a more serious state, she would quickly and abruptly end things. But when she sensed her relationship with him was becoming more serious, she told herself that he's the one and that he would never break her heart but that was the girl that was so deeply in love speaking. And now she has to pay the consequences.

In an early December morning, she made her move. "I'm leaving you." she said. It caught him off guard, he had never pictured his life without her, never dreamed of her leaving him. Whenever he thought about the future, he had always seen her in it and she thought the same thing, until now. "Why?" He asked, it was the only thing he can think about saying to her. "Because," she said, thinking about what to say next, "because, I can't stay here anymore. It's clear to me Sid that you don't love me anymore, so what's the use staying any longer, right?" She finally answered. To her it felt good to finally confront him but to him, it felt like the world was slowly falling apart. This can't be happening, he thought. She was already halfway out when Sidney said, "you can't leave me. I need you, I. Love. You." Emphasizing on the I love you. He grabbed her arm to keep her from leaving and she stopped to take a breath and turned around to face him. She held his face with her two small hands and said with a sad voice, "I love you too. But that's not enough right now." He was going to cry, he could feel it coming. She was crying too. She leaned in to kiss him for one last time and she was out the door. No, no life was a fairy tale or eighty's movie. Prince charming wasn't going to risk his life to save her, Patrick Dempsey wasn't going to come and take her away in a lawn mower. She will never be like those girls she sees in the movies, she will never be like that female protagonist from Twilight. They might resemble each other physically, but they we're completely different. Kinda.

For example: she wasn't clumsy, she's actually very graceful. After all she didn't join her college cheer-leading team and get named captain and she didn't waste her time in those ballet lessons for nothing. She could live without Sidney, it would be hard and unbearable and she wouldn't like it but if she actually had to, she can and she will. And unlike Bella from the Twilight series, she wasn't lacking self confidence, she can get by on her own, her parents aren't divorced and she's not an only child. But like Bella from the book, she probably will cry for months because of her broken heart, she will probably alienate herself from the world and reality, and she probably will jump off a cliff for fun and probably drown because unlike Bella, she doesn't know how to swim and doesn't know anything logic when it comes to water-related sports. And unlike Bella, she's too much of a coward to risk her life and meet a vampire to save her mother or boyfriend's life. Now she can see why Sidney probably fell out of love with her. Did Sidney even love her in the first place?

Probably not, she thought. No one ever actually did. Sure she was charming, graceful, sweet, athletic, and she had sweet smile that could make heads turn. But everybody knows that no one wants that kind of girls anymore. Every guy wants big boobs, and the no strings attached type of girl. She thought Sid was different. But if that's what he wants, that's what he'll get... From a far.

He wasn't sure how he felt after she walked past the door. She was gone and he was here all alone. He knows what he did wrong, he knows how it happened and why it happened. After all he was the one who forced her to make it happen. He didn't mean for it to happen, he really didn't. He wishes he can turn back time and fix all the wrong mistakes he has regretted doing. He has never met a girl like her. Rarely did he find a girl that wasn't a gold digger, who can relate and understand what his life is about. But rarely did anyone find the perfect girl. And he did find the perfect girl, just to let her slip away from him. He fucked up, but it won't stop him from fixing his mistakes. He's not going to sit around drinking whiskey to drown the pain. He will do something to fix this. It's the only way. Literally.

He had a game the next day. He needed to be focused but his mind and heart and most possibly soul (if that's even possible) had other plans. All he could think about was if she had here TV on and if she was going to watch the game. He hopes she is, maybe he can find some way to make some kind of special message for her to understand. If only there's a way he can say I love you, I miss you and I want you back, through his eyes. He was suffering. He has to be focused, he needed to win this game but his heart's not in it. It's with someone else.

She was watching the hockey game. She didn't want to but she couldn't help herself. As much as she wants to deny it, she was still irrevocably in love with him. It was hard to stay away from him and him being a very popular, very skilled nhl hockey player doesn't help. She still loved him, and it sucked. And she can't do anything about it. Time heals all wounds, right? Hopefully. Because, it hurts a lot. And besides she was a fan of hockey way before she met him. But she wasn't a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Besides the Penguins, she loved the Rangers. She was after all a New York City native. You can the girl out of the city but you can't take the city out of the girl.

And you can also take the guy away from the girl's heart but you can't take the girl's heart away from the guy. "You okay, captaine?" Asked Sidney Crosby's teammate and closest friend, Maxime Talbot. "Lover's quarrel?" "We broke up." Said Sidney, in a monotone voice. "I am very sorry, Captaine." Maxime replied, "thanks Max. I appreciate it." Said Sidney, while walking to the locker room for his daily pre-game stretches. "Oui, derien. Anytime, Sid." Max had let Sidney do his stretches and didn't follow him into the locker room, knowing Sidney needs his time alone and plus he, himself has some pre-game rituals to accomplish. "Mon pauvre ami." Max muttered while walking to the direction he came from. He had a game to win tonight and it looks like two hearts to mend. It was going to be a long, emotional month for his captain and possibly for the whole team too.